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Project Highlights

Inclusive evaluation planning.

SPR’s evaluation framework integrated key research concepts in field building and community-driven change, as well as the cohort’s shared understanding. The evaluation framework included assumptions, inputs (from the funder, cohort, and broader field), field-building strategies (at the organization, cohort, and field-level), and short-term, intermediate, and long-term field-level outcomes.

Engaging the people most affected.

In collaboration with the Colorado Trust, we described an emerging framework for field-level community engagement in health equity advocacy. The approach assures authentic participation of affected communities at multiple points—identifying surfacing issues, developing change agendas, bringing community stories to the fore in advocacy campaigns, and on-the-ground implementation that is faithful to the intentions of adopted policies.

Centering race.

The cohort committed to centering race as a primary social determinant of health outcomes. SPR worked with the project’s racial equity team to create a framework within which investments in capacity-building could foster a field of advocates for a truly health-equitable Colorado. The framework envisions four spheres of influence: individuals, the cohort organization, cohort partners, and the health equity advocacy field in Colorado.

Learning Paper

Shifting the Advocacy Paradigm in Colorado: The Health Equity Advocacy Journey

This learning paper tells the story of how the HEA Cohort experimented with ways to align their health equity advocacy efforts and take collective action. It provides some of the tools that the Cohort developed to invite the involvement of individuals and organizations with various levels of advocacy capacity. It also shares core lessons that have been learned from the efforts to build advocacy capacity to advance health equity.

Evaluation Report

Building Foundations for Change

The paper documents the key efforts and outcomes during the first phase of the project in which 34 organizations—selected to represent the diversity of stakeholders involved in advancing health equity in Colorado—convened to co-create the Health Equity Advocacy (HEA) Strategy.

Field Report

This field scan report describes the composition of the health equity advocacy field in Colorado; examines connections within the field; discusses the current state of the field; and offers considerations and reflections for the continued growth of the field.