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Public Housing Authorities

Public Housing and Housing Mobility

We evaluate US Department of Housing and Urban Development efforts to promote individual and family well-being and housing mobility through demonstration projects and pilot initiatives. We bring an equity lens to evaluation design and to every step of the research process.

Sustainable Community Development

Community Development and Public Services Integration

We provide technical assistance, research, and evaluation support to local and regional sustainable community development efforts funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, US Department of Labor,  Economic Development Administration and other federal and state agencies and philanthropic foundations. Our team includes experts in a range of economic, workforce, housing, and community development policies and programs who know how to align and leverage them to achieve meaningful impact.

Data and Evidence/Data Collaboratives

Housing Data and Data Partnerships

We help clients understand their housing and homelessness system data, develop strategies for addressing gaps, and support data partnerships and collaboratives. Our work helps build a shared understanding of the housing and community development challenges communities face. It also contributes to the evidence base for improving strategies and services that connect people with safe, stable, and affordable places to live.


Housing Justice

Equity and inclusion can play a key role in housing—driving policies that help preserve and protect existing communities and prevent eviction, displacement, and gentrification of neighborhoods. We help agencies, organizations, and partnerships design and launch housing justice initiatives, assess their effectiveness, and build evidence for change.


The Story of Now: A Data Snapshot of HOPE SF Residents

Resource Description: HOPE SF: The Story of Now provides a snapshot of HOPE SF residents using data from our government and non-profit partners. The report and its findings are another step toward building a culture of data across the initiative...


Keep Oakland Housed: Our First Two Years

Clients and Partners

Preventing Justice Involvement