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We partner with clients on the four steps in our TA cycle:


Gathering data, community insights, and knowledge from lived experience, and collaborating to set priorities for achieving shared goals.


Planning, facilitation, training, and technical support to help partners and stakeholders take action.


Documenting and assessing the effectiveness of actions for different people in different contexts.

Learning & Adaptation

Making meaning of results, sharing practices, and reflecting on deeper learnings to inform positive change.

Our SPR team members were amazing leaders, coaches, and individuals. We learned so much from them about how to structure and support lasting change.

Program DirectorNational Youth Apprenticeship Project

We employ proven methods, creatively and with uncommon enthusiasm.

Discovery / Measurement

Research, Assessment & Evaluation TA

From landscape analyses to stakeholder interviews to targeted data collection and analysis, SPR combines quantitative and qualitative methods scaled and suited to a wide range of client needs. We also provide TA for clients designing and implementing their own evaluation efforts.

Discovery/ Measurement

Data Analysis & Visualization

We help clients from small nonprofit organizations to federal agencies understand their data, improve data management and data governance, and build tools so they can share complex insights more easily. We also design and host regular convenings among data practitioners from public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Delivery / Learning & Adaptation

People Centered Design

We bring training and expertise in human centered design, service design, learning experience design, and social innovation methodologies. Our team members employ tools from these disciplines in all aspects of our TA. We have a particular penchant for resource, journey, and asset mapping, learning and innovation labs, and simulations and scenarios.

Discovery/ Delivery/ Learning & Adaptation

Documentary & Narrative Practice

Documenting practices—using photography, video, graphic facilitation, animations, or other media—conveys complex information simply and effectively. We produce tools and resources—from sketches and case studies to documentary films—to cultivate shared narratives and present findings in multiple mediums for different audiences.

Delivery / Learning & Adaptation

Facilitation, Engagement & Collaboration

We support our clients in moving collaborative work forward with an emphasis on equity, inclusion, and consideration of diverse points of view at every stage, from agenda setting to prioritizing to decision-making.

Delivery / Measurement

Strategic Planning & Project/Proposal Design

Logic models, theories of change, and blank canvas are among the thinking tools we employ when working with public agencies, foundations, colleges, and community partners on strategic planning, program design, or sustainability planning. We also help agencies, organizations and partnerships develop compliance documents—such as WIOA plans—funding proposals, and calls to action that transform ideas to reality.

Delivery / Learning & Adaptation

Training, Coaching & Technical Support

We focus on capacity building, peer learning, and social connections through our trainings, convening, and individual and group coaching to help clients improve performance in the short term and adapt to new circumstances over time.

Delivery/ Measurement / Learning & Adaptation

Learning Communities & Communities of Practice

We have supported dozens of communities of practice and learning using a range of different technologies and platforms from Mighty Networks to WorkforceGPS. We embrace accessible learning design and inclusive participation and bring that enthusiasm to clients.

Strategic Learning & Advising