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SNAP/TANF/Vocational Rehabilitation

Income and Nutrition Support Policy and Programs

We provide research, evaluation, and implementation support to clients and partners with the goal of optimizing interventions for participants and communities, increasing program enrollment, and improving outcomes and impact. Our team includes experts in the funding streams and programs of US Departments of Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Services, and Labor and the philanthropic efforts that leverage them.

Inclusive Employment/Economic Stability

Disability, Gender, Aging, and Inclusion

We partner with foundations and public agencies to achieve more inclusive programming, more equitable outcomes, and increased participant empowerment—independent of participant age, gender, sexual preference, disability status, race, color, language, culture, or place of origin.

Opportunity Youth/Justice-Involved Youth

Foster Youth and Youth from Underserved Communities

We evaluate and support government- and philanthropy-funded youth programs—with a strong emphasis on engaging foster youth, justice-involved youth, and opportunity youth—to improve inclusion in school, work, enterprise, and other activities that offer the opportunity for building skills, relationships, economic security, and purpose.

Grantmaking/Effective Advocacy

Community Health and Health Equity

We provide strategic learning, evaluation, and advisory support to philanthropic foundations, partners, and stakeholders seeking to advance equity in the provision of community health services, and we collaborate with these partners to strengthen advocacy and improve policy at the local, regional, or state levels.

Guaranteed Income/Universal Basic Income/Innovation

Income Guarantees and Cash Supports

We are among an emerging cadre of research organizations partnering with states, local governments, foundations, and community organizations to explore and evaluate income guarantees as a vehicle for economic security and well-being.

Practice Brief

National Council on Aging (NCOA) Senior SNAP Enrollment: Promising Practice Brief

Evaluation Report

Evaluation of Alternatives to Improve Elderly Access to SNAP

Policy Brief

Workforce Systems Can Leverage Bank Resources to Benefit Low- and Moderate-Income Individuals

Evaluation Report

Back to Work 50+: Women’s Economic Stability Initiative Implementation Evaluation

This report describes the implementation of an AARP initiative designed to boost the capacity of education and training institutions to help women workers between 50-64 find higher quality employment.

Strategic Learning Paper

Engaging Affected Populations in Health Equity: An Emerging Framework in Colorado

A product of the Colorado Trust Health Equity Evaluation & Learning project, this paper presents a framework for ensuring the authentic engagement of affected communities at multiple points in their health equity advocacy—including at the front end of surfacing issues,...

Clients and Partners

Early Learning & Child Development