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Our team answers today’s questions and tests new approaches for a better, and more equitable tomorrow.

Research designed around purpose.

We partner with clients and stakeholders to carefully consider project goals, organizational capacity, and implementation context to design every project for success.

Evaluation that builds evidence.

We help stakeholders make meaning of results and build shared knowledge among leaders, funders, and policymakers who invest in positive change—so that needles move.

Data analytics that invite discovery.

We hold deep expertise in structuring, analyzing, and using administrative and performance data—equitably and responsibly. Our data scientists and programmers create dashboards, maps, and visualizations so our clients and partners can also generate their own insights.

Inclusive, culturally relevant, and continually evolving methods and frameworks.

We employ a wide range of quantitative, qualitative, and participatory methods, the most current equity, accessibility, and quality frameworks, and field-leading collaborative platforms and resource libraries to provide value to clients and partners.


Research is about what is happening and why. It lays the groundwork. It generates hypotheses. Evaluation is particular—we’re trying to get at specific causal levers and impacts so we understand how to do more good, faster, and at scale.”

Dr. Marian NegoitaResearch Quality Chief

We work with clients to design projects and employ methods that are right for them.

Evaluation / Method

Collaborative Research & Evaluation Design

We bring expertise in the full range of proven research and evaluation methods and approaches and work directly with clients to understand context and learn from their experience. We often co-design with clients so we can optimize for desired outcomes and support partners and staff in implementing successful research projects.

Research/ Method

Qualitative Approaches

Our researchers are skilled in the full range of people-centered interview, survey, and engagement methods and techniques. We know when a group discussion will generate the insights we need, and how to lead with empathy when different conversations are required. We create surveys that get to the heart of what clients need to know without burdening respondents. Our team facilitates inclusive conversations, using translation and alternative methods and technologies to increase accessibility and broaden participation.

Research/ Method

Implementation Studies

When interventions work, it can seem like magic. And when things go awry, it can be difficult to understand why. Our implementation studies help shine a light on the factors that contribute to success and those that get in the way. Understanding the “what,” “why” and “how” of an intervention allows clients and partners to scale effective practice and address barriers for future iterations.

Evaluation / Method

Quantitative Approaches

From baseline analyses to outcome studies to randomized control trials (RCTs), we use a spectrum of quantitative methods to answer clients’ most important questions. We bring deep expertise to the evaluation of policy and program interventions across seven core impact areas, Our team is skilled in all aspects of data collection and management, secure transfer and storage, and analyses and visualization—using SQL, SAS, Python, Tableau, R, and PowerBI.

Research/ Method

Mixed Method Studies

We know that capturing the full picture often requires both quantitative and qualitative approaches. We work with clients on creative mixed-method designs that balance rigor and fidelity with cost and capacity. Combining narrative and numbers can reveal the effect of policies and interventions in near real time, and allow stakeholders to make data-informed decisions while they still matter.

Research/ Method

Data Stories & Meaning Making

Collecting and analyzing data is a critical step. We then collaborate with clients to create data-informed narratives–data stories that integrate diverse perspectives and experiences. Our data analysts and technical assistance specialists are well-versed in accessible, human centered, culturally-relevant narrative and documentary methods that help clients and partners make meaning of their data and use it for good.