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Our Story

We got our start 30 years ago leading an evaluation of programs designed to help thousands of workers transition to new jobs when their old ones disappeared. We expanded into education, housing, and social movement building, and built a technical assistance practice as a complement to our research and evaluation services.

Today, we work on public and philanthropic efforts designed to improve people’s health and livelihoods and enhance their schools, workplaces, and communities.

Our approach is people-centered, learning-forward, and deeply collaborative. This ensures we help clients solving consequential human, economic, and environmental problems advance equity and deliver solutions that endure.

Female Solar Worker
Our SPR team members were amazing leaders, coaches, and individuals. We learned so much from them about how to structure and support lasting change.
Program DirectorNational Nonprofit Organization

Values & Vision

Our values keep us aligned and working toward better tomorrows.


We share a genuine desire to listen, learn, and try new ideas.


We hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards of excellence.


We use data and employ evidence-informed tools, methods, and strategies.


We strive for universal accessibility in all aspects of our work.

Equity & Inclusion

We value equity, inclusion, and justice for people of different races, cultures, genders, abilities, and lived experiences.


We work side-by-side with clients, partners, and stakeholders to deliver real value.