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About Kristin

Kristin Wolff is a Senior Associate in the Workforce and Human Services Division. Kristin has worked in the social change space for nearly 20 years. She works on work – especially the post-COVID #FutureofWork – and all things aimed at sustainable community prosperity. Evaluation and technical support for apprenticeship and work-based learning, public workforce and training policy and programs, and crisis recovery feature prominently in her portfolio. She has worked in communities large and small, rural and urban, in and outside the US. Also business owner, Kristin runs thinkers + doers, a consultancy for small-scale innovation projects. She believes in working to learn and is a four-time Hack Oregon/Civic Software Foundation project alumna, a seven-time alumna SIX Social Innovation Schools (in six countries), a founding member of the Solutions Journalism Network, and regular at human-centered design events, workshops, and meetups. She has served as a board member for three incubators (chairing one of them), and volunteers with other do-gooders regularly – because her day job is about getting upstream but people need snacks, socks, and band-aids. 

She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and his Swiss family. They all love the forest, their bikes, and chocolate (of course).