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Anna Marie Ramos

Senior Associate

PhD, Education Policy, University of California, Davis; MA, Educational Assessment and Measurement, University of California, Davis; BA, International Studies, University of San Francisco;

About Anna Marie

Anna Marie Ramos is a Senior Associate in the Equity, Education & Community Change Division with a range of research experiences dedicated to supporting practitioners, advocates, and policymakers with advancing equity through educational programs. Prior to joining SPR, she contributed to studies at MDRC, UC Davis, the Campaign for College Opportunity, and the American Council on Education. She has also worked directly with school districts in support of their internal research efforts.

Dr. Ramos has extensive experience with using ecological frameworks to understand how high schools and colleges can be responsive to local needs, particularly through examinations of California’s college access policies and efforts to mitigate basic needs challenges in higher education. Many of her projects at SPR evaluate philanthropic investments intended to mitigate racial inequities through schools’ COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. She enjoys working alongside clients to develop rigorous, humanizing qualitative research plans that meet the time and capacity constraints under which educational practitioners often operate.