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Project Highlights

Early Progress.

Bridge districts made significant progress toward their goals in the first six months of the program.

Relationship-building and alignment.

They focused on building relationships between technical assistance providers and district stakeholders and creating alignment around a set of clear and actionable TA goals.

Stuctured collaboration.

They also established structures to support ongoing collaboration over the course of provider engagement.

Immediately following the onset of COVID-19, we worked with our partners and other funders to be responsive to the immediate needs..."
Our Work in Washinton State, What's Changed and What Remains the SameBill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation commissioned SPR to conduct a formative implementation and summative evaluation of its Bridge Initiative to support school districts’ COVID-19 response and recovery efforts.

K-12 students of color and students experiencing poverty in Washington State experienced disproportionately negative outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Data showed that schools and districts throughout the state were struggling to adapt their instructional systems to remote and hybrid formats to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of their students.

The foundation’s Washington State Initiative (WSI) team developed the Bridge Initiative to provide tailored technical assistance to high-need districts from spring 2021 through the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

SPR’s three evaluation reports highlight outcomes, learning, and considerations for the WSI team.