Technical Assistance & Training

People everywhere want to make their communities better. Deciding how can be daunting.

By bringing diverse people together, unleashing their creative potential, working with them to make sense of data, supporting the design and implementation of innovative programs, and redesigning complex public systems, SPR helps partners learn, experiment, and grow stronger – enhancing community well-being for everyone.

For examples SPR’s technical assistance resources, please see the Tools and Training Page.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership and Strategic Governance

For over two decades SPR has supported education, workforce, and community development  leaders engage stakeholders, develop policy, and design and improve programs that make a difference for people, firms, and communities.

Project spotlight: Enhancing Workforce Leadership


Jobs, Career Pathways and Sustainable Communities

SPR helps communities build pathways for everyone. Sustainable economies offer more than jobs. They provide livelihoods — through jobs, gigs, entrepreneurship, making access to needed skills and resource-rich networks all along the way is a must.

Project Spotlight: HUD Sustainable Communities Initiative

Data and Intelligence

Our experience in social program design, performance management, and action-centered evaluation has equipped us well for working with people to make meaning out of data, evaluate their own work, and design innovative programs that test new approaches but are anchored in the knowledge of what works.

Project Spotlight: Workforce Data Quality Initiative

The world of workforce data is changing.  For the past four years, we have supported the evolution of longitudinal data systems within state-level workforce and education organizations,  and engaged stakeholders in the civic tech and open government communities. There is a world of intelligence emerging about how our labor markets actually work, opening new opportunities for making them work better for people, families, and communities.



Designing Remarkable Learning Experiences

We design and support a wide range of in person and online experiential and training environments – blending peer- and expert-led activities to accelerate learning. Some of our favorites include: team strategic planning institutes, innovation and simulation labs, webinars/tutorials, and workshops.

Facilitating Dynamic Strategy, Planning, and Problem-solving Processes

Our team specializes in facilitating public-private partnerships or cross-sector teams in education, workforce, economic development, or municipal planning seeking to launch new initiatives or become “unstuck” when facing significant challenges.

Providing Multimedia Communications & Documentation Support

Because much of the work we do involves community engagement (of partners and stakeholders as well as the public), we often support clients by framing communications, and documenting progress in creative ways — through toolkits, videos, and graphic recording, for example — providing a robust public record and shareable content.


Providing Program Design and Organizational Development Consultation

Drawing from our expertise in program and system evaluation, we support effective program design, such as developing theories of change, conducting regular program reviews or formal evaluations, and bringing effective practice knowledge to particular challenges as they emerge.


For more information or to discuss potential projects, please contact:

Vinz Koller

Vinz Koller

Senior Strategist for Capacity Building, Workforce and Human Services Division