Reflections on Transformative Movement Building

Cover of Reflections on Transformative Movement Building reportMove to End Violence (MEV) is an initiative of the NoVo Foundation, designed to strengthen the collective capacity of the movements to end gender-based violence in the United States. The program provides an intensive and holistic two-year experience to five cohorts, each consisting of 15-21 Movement Makers. Grounded in principles of beloved community, liberation and equity, organizational development, transformational leadership development, and movement building for social change, MEV seeks to grow and expand strong, innovative, and sustainable movements to end violence against all girls and women, including those who are cis and trans and those who are gender non-conforming.

Social Policy Research Associates (SPR) has served as MEV’s learning and evaluation partner since the beginning, initially working with the NoVo Foundation in February 2010 during the design phase for MEV. Over the last ten years, SPR has documented the development of MEV’s theory of change, gathered and synthesized feedback on convenings and meetings, administered pre and post social network analysis surveys for each cohort, and conducted over 200 in-depth interviews with cohort members, coupled with over 70 in-depth interviews with faculty, staff, alumni and other movement leaders.

As MEV enters its fifth and final cohort, staff, faculty, and alumni are looking to share key capacity building lessons from MEV with Movement Makers and other field leaders. This evaluation brief provides details on the three core themes outlined above in order to support MEV’s efforts to tell its story and the stories of those whose lives have been touched by the program over the last ten years.
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