SPR has over 20 years of experience conducting mixed-methods education evaluations ranging from early childhood to early college for nonprofit and public sector clients. We pride ourselves in our long-standing commitment to equity in education, and bring an equity lens to every stage of our work. In addition to traditional evaluation services, we act as critical thought partners for our clients to help them utilize evaluation in order to advance their own continuous improvement and effectiveness.

Project Spotlight: Baseline Evaluation of Individualized Learning for the Bush Foundation

Baseline Evaluation of Individualized Learning for the Bush Foundation

Authentic learner-centered education is individualized to each student and grounded in their unique learning styles, aspirations, and cultural identities. SPR had the privilege of working with the Bush Foundation to conduct baseline research about what schools are doing to individualize learning throughout their region of focus—Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the 23 Native Nations that share the same geography. Over the course of a year, we documented many strategies being employed throughout the region to attend to students’ college and career interests, cultural identities, and to their preferred modalities and styles of learning.

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Executive Summary

Final Report

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