Webinar Series: Expanding Apprenticeships through AIM

The AIM project hosted six webinars over the course of two years. The webinars explored the AIM pilot intermediaries, strategies for developing inclusive apprenticeship, modern youth apprenticeship, funding strategies, universal design, and how to foster program resilience during crises.

AIM Community of Practice Webinars

AIM Community of Practice webinars were designed for members of the AIM Community of Practice – made up of AIM pilots and others around the country with a specific interest in following the AIM project and learning alongside the pilots about how to create, build, and sustain inclusive apprenticeships.

Expanding Apprenticeships through AIM, Part 1

November 19, 2019

In this webinar, members of the AIM CoP from around the country joined AIM team members for the first of a two-part webinar series, “Expanding Apprenticeships through AIM” to explore new inclusion strategies and approaches to support expanded access to emerging industry sectors for youth and adults with disabilities (YAD). The team led a conversation on the key components of apprenticeship and took a deep dive into youth apprenticeship, including the unique features of linkage programs such as pre-apprenticeship. They capped the session off with a few examples of existing new-sector and disability-focused apprenticeship models in the U.S.

Expanding Apprenticeships through AIM, Part 2

March 31, 2020

In this second in the two-part series on “Expanding Apprenticeships through AIM,” exploring new inclusion strategies and approaches to support expanded access to emerging industry sectors for youth and adults with disabilities (YAD), the AIM technical assistance team welcomed subject matter experts Mark Genua, Associate Director at JFF and Ralph Roach, Manager, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation at the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to present on their experiences making apprenticeship and related programs more inclusive. They shared successful strategies for fostering Universal Design, accessibility practices, and holistic wraparound supports. This webinar illustrated key facets of designing for inclusive apprenticeship and discussed how anyone in the apprenticeship ecosystem can expand access to youth and adults with disabilities.

Inclusive Modern Youth Apprenticeship

August 17, 2020

This webinar featured a discussion of how Youth Apprenticeship programs can be more inclusive of all kinds of students. The AIM team and special guests discussed inclusivity, partnerships, and the enormous potential of apprenticeship to be a pathway to competitive, integrated employment. Subject matter expert guests were from the Shenandoah Workforce Development Board, New America’s Partnership for Youth Apprenticeship (PAYA), and other practitioners of inclusive youth apprenticeship.

AIM National Webinars-Research Brief Series

AIM national webinars were open to all and designed to disseminate findings from the policy and practice briefs prepared by the AIM research team. These webinars also featured guest experts that had shared their expertise and practices with brief writers.

Designing Inclusive Apprenticeships and Pre-Apprenticeships

August 21, 2020

After decades of education and social science research we’ve learned that people vary in how they absorb and apply information. Thirty years after the signing of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act, research that’s been conducted in educational settings is now being translated to work-based learning models. In this webinar, the AIM team presented research on how intensive career pathways programs, program designers, instructors, and mentors can and do support inclusive and accessible apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship participants. The team was joined by special guests Ben Williams from National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, Mary Taylor from the Kentucky Office of Career and Technical Education, and Sam Johnston from CAST.

Understanding Institutional Funding Sources as Part of Apprenticeship System Building

August 27, 2020

Expanding apprenticeship is a key priority of the federal government, and as employers and workforce intermediaries explore registered apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship as models to solve talent pipeline problems and offer opportunities to a broad swath of job seekers, questions of funding are paramount. In this webinar, the AIM team presented recent policy briefs on funding strategies and on the Ticket to Work program as an option for apprenticeship funding. Special guests Joshua Johnson, State Director of Wisconsin Apprenticeship; Aviva Paley, Co-Founder and Senior Director of Kitchens for Good; and Eric Seleznow, Director of JFF’s Center for Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning joined us for a panel discussion exploring the how, what, and when of institutional funding to support apprenticeship, and strategies for building partnerships to support apprenticeship, especially for populations with barriers to employment.

Emerging Lessons for Inclusive Apprenticeship Programs: Managing Through the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

September 16, 2020

Building, scaling, and sustaining apprenticeship programs can be challenging under ordinary circumstances. During a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, apprenticeship programs can face extraordinary disruptions. In this webinar, ODEP’s AIM team and experts in inclusive apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship shared insights for how inclusive apprenticeship programs are responding to the COVID-19 crisis and planning for resilient programs in the future. Special guests were Andy Imparato, Executive Director of Disability Rights California; Lance Kaldor, Disability Resource Coordinator at the Idaho Department of Labor; and Sasha Rayburn, Director of Program Operations at Apprenti, an AIM pilot.


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