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Mapping an Emerging National Health Equity Network

August-2015_AA-and-NHPI-Health-Equity-Network-1 Read more »

Toward Health Equity in Colorado

This paper documents key efforts and outcomes during the first phase of the Colorado Trust's Health Equity Advocacy Initiative, in which 34 organizations—selected to represent the diversity of stakeholders involved in advancing health equity in Colorado—convened to co-create the Health… Read more »

Engaging Affected Populations in Health Equity: An Emerging Framework in Colorado

A product of the Colorado Trust Health Equity Evaluation & Learning project, this paper presents a framework for ensuring the authentic engagement of affected communities at multiple points in their health equity advocacy—including at the front end of surfacing issues,… Read more »

Shifting The Paradigm Health Equity Advocacy Journey

State of the Field: Findings from a 2017 Scan of Colorado’s Emerging Health Equity Advocacy Field

This field scan report describes the composition of the health equity advocacy field in Colorado; examines connections within the field; discusses the current state of the field; and offers considerations and reflections for the continued growth of the field. Read more »