Determining “what works” in social policy is at the heart of SPR’s work. Evidence—as uncovered through evaluation—is critical to improving policies and programs designed to help those most in need. To share our perspective on the importance of evidence-based policymaking and learn from others in the field, SPR recently participated in the #All4Evidence Twitter chat.



Branded as “a gathering of accounts dedicated to evidence-based policymaking”, over a hundred users chimed in to discuss 14 questions on the intersection of evidence and policy. SPR shared, for example, two key instances of initiatives we’ve evaluated using data and evidence to improve their programs:



An early question in the chat focused on how to highlight evidence-based research amidst today’s crowded media milieu. SPR named an insightful brief that makes evidence-based research stand out:



As the chat progressed, we also mentioned our perspective on the impact of innovation funds—including the Workforce Innovation Fund, for which SPR has been selected to conduct five evaluations—on building the evidence base:



SPR ended the chat by answering the important question of “What’s needed to make evidence more accessible/useful to policymakers?”



Over 400 tweets were tweeted in the hour long chat. #All4Evidence trended in DC and NY.