Join Us at AEA 2016!

AEA 2016

SPR is proud to present again at AEA’s Evaluation + Design. This years program centers integration and evaluation of Information Design, Evaluation Design, and Program Design.

Join  SPR at the 2016 American Evaluation Association Conference!

This year, SPR will be hosting presentations on collaboration between internal and external evaluators and capturing a powerful theory of change for field-building. This year’s AEA conference looks at the design governing all aspects of evaluation and fosters conversation about how evaluators can use design to make the world a better place.

For more information, please check out our sessions listed below.

2697: Who Does What? Best Practices for Collaboration Between Internal and External Evaluators

Oct 27, 2016 (01:00 PM – 01:45 PM)

“Foundations and non-profit organizations increasingly employ internal evaluators to oversee monitoring and quality review of their programs.  At the same time, the grants these organizations seek out to support their programs may require an independent evaluation, leading to internal and external evaluators working together and navigating their distinct roles and responsibilities within the same study.  This panel will review best practices for collaboration between internal evaluators and external evaluators based on AARP Foundation’s experience contracting with external evaluation firms for two Social Innovation Fund grants.  Highlights will include (1) the value of internal evaluators for orienting external evaluators to organizational culture, (2) the value of external evaluators for advancing internal evaluation culture and (3) key roles and responsibilities for internal and external evaluators collaborating on the same evaluation. The panelists will provide relevant examples and facilitate discussion drawing  on audience experience regarding  internal /external evaluator collaborations.”

Hannah Betesh [Senior Associate – Social Policy Research Associates]

1334: What Does it Take to Build a Field? Lessons from the Evaluation of the Strong Field Project

Oct 27, 2016 (03:00 PM – 04:30 PM)

“Foundations are committing to more ambitious goals to address intractable problems in society.  For the Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF), its goal since 2001 has been to prevent and end domestic violence (DV).  BSCF believed this could not be realized without effective leaders and organizations working together as a field.  In 2010, BSCF launched an initiative to strengthen the DV field in CA, equipped with a critical mass of diverse leaders and strong organizations that have sufficient knowledge, skills, and tools to lead a stronger movement to prevent and end DV.  This panel will share the results of a ground-breaking, 5-year evaluation of the Strong Field Project.  We present an evaluation framework that captures a powerful theory of change for field-building and share the innovative evaluation methods and metrics used to gauge impact at the individual, organizational, and field levels.”

Jennifer Henderson-Frakes [Senior Associate – Social Policy Research]

Mika Clark [Associate – Social Policy Research Associates]

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