SPR has over 20 years of experience conducting mixed-methods education evaluations ranging from early childhood to early college for nonprofit and public sector clients. We pride ourselves in our long-standing commitment to equity in education, and bring an equity lens to every stage of our work. In addition to traditional evaluation services, we act as critical thought partners for our clients to help them utilize evaluation in order to advance their own continuous improvement and effectiveness.

Project Spotlight: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Washington State Strategy Local Proof Points Evaluation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Washington State Strategy

SPR is conducting a formative and summative evaluation for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Local Proof Points initiative, under its Washington State Strategy. This initiative funds local improvement networks, including diverse actors from local schools, pre-K, and out-of-time providers working collaboratively in the school and community ecosystem, grounded in family engagement and racial equity, to improve student success.

To learn more about the design and implementation of local networks and partnerships as they unfold, and their resulting outcomes, SPR is engaging local stakeholders—including community members, school staff, district leaders, families, students, early learning providers, and out-of-school learning providers—through surveys and interview. In addition, SPR is leveraging existing and new data sources to understand resulting shifts in learning environments, adult capacity, and student outcomes, primarily in math and social-emotional learning. Throughout this process, SPR is providing formative feedback to network stakeholders on the quality and strength of their networks, and surfacing lessons learned to inform future efforts.

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