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About PEP

  U.S. DOL's Performance Enhancement Project has aided ETA in promoting best practices that enhance WIA program performance. During the life of the project (2002-2007), the project team has provided technical assistance and training to help states and local areas troubleshoot performance issues and identify ways to maximize program performance.

Online Training Courses

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Enhancing Performance Outcomes for WIA Programs and Wagner-Peyser/VETS employment services is a free online staff-training program designed to help states and local areas achieve and surpass federal performance standards for WIA and Wagner-Peyser/VETS employment services programs and participants.

Occasional Webinars: As part of our efforts to assist states, local areas, and providers to diagnose and improve performance, we have provided webinars--web-based, interactive seminars with a live presenter, downloadable handouts, and a chat function that allows participants to ask questions during the session--on a variety of topics.  The webinars are recorded and are archived for future listeners. Most are 60-90 minutes.

Training Workshops:
These Face-to-face training workshops were designed to enhance WIA program performance by providing WIA performance management strategies to program designers and managers as well as frontline staff. Workshops are interactive and generally include planning and implementation activities. They range in length from 90 minutes to 2 days.

Targeted Technical Assistance:
The PEP Project provided Targeted technical assistance that helped States and local areas most in need to better understand the relationships between local program design, local performance tracking mechanisms, and the performance outcomes reported to the State and to assist them in identifying and correcting issues that are negatively affecting reported performance outcomes.

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